Marine Corps Emblem VMB-614 Acknowledgments


As with any work, this website would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of many people. This support included the contribution of photographs, various materials, and personal recollections. Accordingly, we would like to publicly recognize those who have contributed to making this site possible.

Squadron Members

  • John Hughes
  • Leo Miller

Family Members

  • Kyle Groves, grandson of squadron member Norman Draeger
  • Josiah Hays II, son of squadron member Walter Hays
  • James Heaney, son of squadron member James D. Heaney
  • Rick Maher, son of squadron member Leonard Maher
  • Steve Myers, son of squadron member Gale Myers
  • Samie White, niece of squadron member Roger Lawson
  • Bob Wiseman Jr., son of squadron member Robert Wiseman, Sr.

Special Thanks

A very special thanks is extended to Michael Thompson, son of VMB-611 squadron member, Francis Thompson. Michael provided endless hours of work at the National Archives viewing, compiling, and cross-checking the squadron's personnel roster.


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